No more Mr. Nice Guy ! I'm wishing you'd be leaving . Don't believe in things that don't
believe in you, believe in you . All the things that you do will come back on you, see them true .
It's killing me . Yeah, the things that you can do, that no one else can do to me at all . Am I
wasting my time ? As I fear that I'll go out & find someone that's out of luck, too . & if I had
to do it all again I want to feel the love that I know you can send . Till I swing low . Did I
move too close ? & I saw you cry . So I know you didn't mean to creep into my dreams just
to turn me down . You say you feel so used but it's you who turned it on & used all of your
chance just to bring me in . & everybody knows the games he plays & every time he loses
he runs away . But you can help me out I want to love you again . Because I feel so cold
without the sun . & you're the one I can't run from ..